Online Page Redirect

When a customer successfully signs onto your guest WiFi, they will see the “You’re Online” success page. However, some merchants would prefer customers to be directed to a different website, like their homepage.. The Online Page Redirect feature found in your hotspot settings will allow you to redirect your customers easily.

First, visit the hotspot tab in your dashboard and click Edit Hotspot. Then click Settings at the top left corner.

Enter the URL you’d like to use into the Online Page Redirect field, including the http:// prefix, and click the toggle to enable. Once enabled, this toggle will be blue.


Keep in mind, enabling the redirect means your customers will only see the final confirmation page of your portal for a few seconds after successfully signing in, then they’ll be directed to your URL instead.

Autopopulate email address

For merchants who have sign-up forms on their website for loyalty clubs, online ordering, etc. - Zenreach can prefill the email address field on your webpage using the online page redirect.

To use it, just include {email} in the URL for the web page containing the sign-up form.

For example{email}  

When your customer is redirected, the email address they used to sign on to your guest WiFi will populate the email field on your webpage form.


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