The search field in your contact list will only locate contacts by email address. If you have entered an address in the search field and are still unable to retrieve the customer’s profile, it’s possible this contact has been moved to an unsubscribed, inactive or invalid status. It will only appear when the correct filter is selected. These filters can be found under the Hidden Contacts tab. Contacts found in any of these statuses will not receive messages from you.

There are a few actions that will cause contacts to be moved to invalid and inactive statuses. Contacts will be marked as invalid if repeated delivery attempts are unsuccessful due to hard or soft bounces. 

Contacts will be marked as inactive if they have received at least 20 messages, but have not opened any of them, or if they have flagged a message from you as Spam. Inactive customers will be reactivated if they open the final sunsetting email or any previous email they have received from you.

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