How to Build a Mobile Campaign

Once you open the Zenreach Mobile App, you will see four icons at the bottom of your screen: Home, Reputation, Campaigns and Settings. Select the Campaigns icon to create an email blast. When the Campaigns page opens, you will see a complete list of email blasts and their current status, whether drafts or sent. To draft a new one, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner.


A pop-up will appear to verify that you want to compose an email blast and will inform you that the mobile composer looks a little different than the dashboard composer. As most emails are checked on mobile devices, we generated a composer that will create clean looking mobile messages.


Begin creating your message by selecting a template and then determining the style of the email by selecting both font and background colors. Like the dashboard composer, you will have the ability to add your logo and images to email blasts.


Once that’s completed, simply edit your text and send yourself a test email to ensure your email blast looks the way you envision it. If any default images and text remain, you will receive a pop-up notification so no email is sent incomplete.


All that is left at this point is to set up your key campaign information. This will include the Subject, Preview Text, From Name, and From Email. Then you can send this email now or schedule it for later.



Can you edit a campaign made in the web dashboard on mobile or vice versa?

No. Due to the simplifications of the mobile composer, any campaign made on the mobile app can only be edited and sent from mobile; the same is true for web.

Can I get campaign stats?

Yes, the current MVP is a small text description under the campaign with basic stats (open rate, click rate and Walk-Through Rate™.

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