Customer Value and Incremental Revenue

Customer value

Zenreach attributes a dollar value to your customer profiles based on the number of times they have visited. These values will be displayed on the individual customer profile found under Contacts.

Zenreach calculates this number by taking the number of total visits, multiplied by your average ticket price. Average ticket price can be updated in your business settings.



In this example, Shawn has accumulated three visits with an average ticket price of $10 per visit displaying a customer value of $30 so far. 

Note: The default average ticket price is $20, unless otherwise changed.

Incremental revenue

The Insights tab provides an overview of your businesses performance. One of these metrics is called Incremental Revenue. This figure is calculated by taking the average ticket price per customer, and multiplying by the number of Walk-Throughs in a given time frame.

A Walk-Through is customer who has physically walked through your doors within seven days of receiving an email. This figure gives you an estimated amount of revenue you’ve received as a result of your return visitors.




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