Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce

When messages are denied by an email server, it is considered a bounce. Bounces are a universal focus in email marketing as it directly relates to the deliverability of sender campaigns.

Soft bounce

The email was unsuccessfully delivered due to technical issues of the email service provider (ESP). This means that the message made its way to the recipient's mail server, but rejected due to any of the following reasons:

  • Recipient’s inbox is full (storage over capacity)
  • The message is too large for recipient's inbox (large file size images)
  • The email server is offline
  • Receiving domain believed the email to be spam

Hard bounce

The email is permanently undeliverable. This typically means the email address is not valid or has been deactivated. Zenreach automatically invalidates any hard bounced email addresses for you to ensure the best deliverability for future campaigns. Deliverability data is made available for both Email Campaigns and Smart Emails. See where to find this information below.

Click the graph icon to the right of your Email Campaign or Smart Email to view more stats and information.




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