Hotspot Login Options

Zenreach offers multiple sign-on options for your customers’ guest WiFi experience. They’ll have the choice to use email, Facebook, or Twitter to sign on.

Navigate to the Hotspot page in your dashboard. Then, click Edit Hotspot.

Under the Build selection in the top left corner, you’ll see options under Login Selection.




Blue - Login option is enabled on the guest portal.

Gray - Login option is disabled from the guest portal.

Use the toggles to enable/disable your login selections. We recommend limiting the selection to Email only because it tends to provide the highest number of valid contacts who are actively using their email address.

To change the display order, click and drag the banner icon to desired location. This can be found directly underneath login types.


Once you’ve finished customizing your portal, click save on the top right-hand corner of the page, followed by exit. The hotspot preview will now reflect the changes you’ve made.


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