Using Hyperlinks and Buttons in Your Emails

Hyperlinked images, text and buttons can be useful for customizing your emails. They direct your guests to websites, social pages, shopping carts or additional URLs that are important to you. Using them increases the probability customers will engage with the message, and ultimately, take action. Plus, you can see how many customers clicked on which link.

Image hyperlinks

When you hyperlink an image, it will redirect the viewer to a desired URL when clicked.

  • Upload an image to your draft. You can do this by dragging the Image Button into the body of your email.
  • Click on Image to prompt the editor.
  • Enter the URL in the Image Hyperlink section and click out of the window to save.


Text links

Hyperlink a word or phrase within the text of your email.

  • Click on the desired Text Box.
  • Highlight words or phrases you want to use for your hyperlink.
  • Click the Link icon on the far right of the toolbar and enter the URL into the populated space.


Adding buttons

Buttons are a great way to draw viewer attention. Once clicked, they will redirect customers to your URL. You have the option to rename the button with a title of your choosing.

  • Drag the Button Icon box from the Drag to Design toolbar on the left-hand side.
  • Click the button to prompt the Button Editor.
  • Enter the desired URL and custom name for your Button under Appearance.


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