Troubleshooting Your Offer Redemptions

Many merchants judge the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns by the number of redemptions an offer produces. The industry standard for coupon redemption is about 2%. That’s probably lower than you’d think, right?

What marketers should really be thinking about when creating and sending offers is putting their businesses at the top of customers’ minds. Your messages remind customers to come back. Whether they redeem your offer or not, they’re thinking about you.

For example, a local Japanese spot sends offer emails from time to time. Their customers may not be in the mood for sushi that day. However, when they have a craving for sushi, the email offer is likely to come to mind.

Below are five things to consider when creating offers:

Keep it simple

Promote one item or give one discount per offer to avoid confusion. Simple offers are easier to remember and you won’t risk angering customers who misunderstand the offer. Try to limit the restrictions associated with your offer. More restrictions make your offer less desirable.

Optimize for mobile

Forbes recommends sending coupons through emails targeted to specific customers. Good news, Zenreach already does this for you! You can easily add an offer to your email and target your intended audience for the best possible outreach.

Pro tip: Send yourself a test email to make sure your message looks great on mobile devices. As of 2018, desktop views are no longer in the lead. Mobile has officially taken over.

Make customers feel exclusive

Your customers picked your location over the competition. Make them feel special with tailored offers. 57% of consumers are more likely to participate in rewards programs with VIP tiers and exclusive rewards. Including an offer in an email for repeat customers lets them know you appreciate their continued business.

Use eye-catching subject lines

Keep your subject lines creative (“Did someone say BOGO!?”). 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject lines alone. Awesome subject lines lead to more emails opened. This can lead to your customers seeing your offer and redeeming it next time they visit. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

Tell customers about your rewards program

Keep customers looking forward to your emails by letting them know the more they visit, the more offers they will receive. Say something like, “Be sure to sign on to our WiFi each time you visit for more exclusive deals and rewards!”

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