Using Smart Emails as a Loyalty Program

A customer who feels valued, is likely to become a loyal customer. Smart Emails help you maintain the relationship without the repetitive effort. The Zenreach AP installed at your business acts as a virtual punch card for customers who have signed into the WiFi. This allows you to set up automated Smart Emails to be sent to your customers after their visits.You can choose how frequently you’d like these sent.

Getting started

Once you’ve logged into the dashboard, navigate to the Smart Email page. Here, you’ll see your default Smart Email options.


Your default Smart Emails are triggered to send after a first visit, second visit, 10th visit, and to customers who have visited at least twice, but haven’t returned in 31 days. Ask yourself how you want to reward your customers, and how often?

For example, let’s say every 10 visits you’d like to reward your customers with a free appetizer. Your Loyal Customer Smart Email is sent after every 10th visit, so you would update this email to include the appetizer offer. Keep in mind, the Loyal Customer Smart Email repeats after every 10th visit, so your customers will receive this email on their 20th visit, 30th visit, etc.

You may also want to consider setting up Custom Smart Emails for Loyal Customer milestones. For example, give a more substantial reward at a customer’s 25th visit. Learn more about how to create Custom Smart Emails here.

Our merchants frequently ask us how often they should reward their customers, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. You know your customers better than anyone. If your restaurant or business is one people visit several times per week, like a coffee shop, you may want to set a higher number of visits to trigger your Loyal Customer Smart Email.

Tell your customers

Let your customers know about your loyalty program! You can start with your First Time Customer and Repeat Customer Smart Emails, or even put a message on your portal when they’re signing into guest WiFi. Try something like, “Be sure to sign into the WiFi each time you visit to receive rewards!”

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