Contact Label Troubleshooting

Having trouble adding a label to your contact profiles? This article will outline the common errors for each method and help you correct them. For more information about applying labels to your database, visit Organizing Your Contact List With Labels.

Adding labels from a .CSV file

Once you’ve selected the desired list for import, you have the option to add a Custom Label for segmenting your list.

Type what you'd like your label to be named in the text field, and then click Add 'Label Name' or press return on your keyboard.


Your screen should show the label in its own box below the entry field.


If you skip this step, your label will not be applied accordingly. Click Import and you’re done! You'll receive email confirmation once this import is complete.

Label scheduling in your hotspot

To assign a label for specific days, times, or one-time events - visit the Hotspot tab of your dashboard, then click Edit. Next, click Settings. For more information on custom scheduling, visit Automatic Label Scheduling.

Once again, be sure to click Add 'Label Name', label name will populate in the box, underneath the text box. Select your scheduling preferences and click Save. Your screen should show the label in its own box below the entry field.


Once you've selected your scheduling preferences and saved, you should see the label in its own box below the entry field.


Adding labels to an individual contact

Adding just a few emails to your list? Enter the customer name and email address along with any other information you have. Refer to the labels section at the bottom and follow the same instructions as above to ensure your labels get assigned properly.


Once again, if you've added your label successfully, you'll see it below the entry field in its own box.


You can find additional information regarding Best Practices for Email Lists and learn more about our Portal Survey in the Zenreach Help Center.

Once you’ve successfully assigned labels to your customers, discover the best ways to implement Zenreach’s Custom Smart Emails.

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