Zenreach's Sunset Feature

Maintaining an audience of engaged customers can be a lot of work. Disengaged customers drag down your open rates, and can increase the likelihood your messages will be routed to a spam folder.

Our Email Sunset Feature ensures your messages end up in the inboxes of customers who want to hear from you most, leading to better customer engagement and email deliverability.

How does this affect my list(s)?

Zenreach’s Email Sunset Feature puts to rest contacts who have not engaged with your emails. Our goal is to help you have the greatest reach possible when executing email campaigns by helping you maintain the highest email deliverability.

What constitutes a disengaged customer?

Since businesses use Zenreach in many different ways and send messages at different rates, we have developed a formula to identify disengaged, or inactive customers. Contacts who have received at least 20 emails, but have not opened any of them, are considered "inactive". Additionally, contacts who have received emails, but have interacted negatively with the email, like flagging the email as spam, will be treated as "inactive" as well.

What happens to my inactive customers?

Customers who meet the inactive criteria will be moved to that status and they will no longer receive messages from you. You can view your inactive customers once you’re logged into the dashboard by clicking on the Contacts tab, selecting the Hidden Contacts filter on the right side of the page and check-marking the "inactive" box.

How can inactive customers be reactivated?

Once Zenreach has identified a customer as inactive, we send them a final Sunset email. If the customer opens this email or any other that you have sent previously, Zenreach will Sunrise (reactivate) this email address, and the customer will begin receiving messages from you again.

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