Keep Employees Out of Your Reporting

It's highly likely your employees will join your guest WiFi network - they may even be some of your first customers! You'll want to mark these customer profiles as employees to ensure correct reporting of your email deliverability metrics.

Your employees will still receive Smart Emails and Email Campaigns - this way they're in-the-know of the communication you're sending to your customers. However, flagging them will exclude the contact from all reporting metrics, i.e., Open Rate, Walk-Through Rate, etc.

Follow these steps to flag your employees.

Step 1 - Locate the Contact 

An easy way to identify an employee in your contact list is to sort by the visit count. Under the Contacts tab in your Zenreach dashboard, click Visit Count at the top to sort by the number of visits. Typically employees have the most visits, as they're coming into work often, so they should be right at the top. Otherwise, search for employee emails using the search box.


Step 2 - Edit the Profile 

Once you've identified an employee profile, click on the profile, then click the grey pencil icon to the right of Contact Information to edit the profile



At the bottom of the customer profile, you'll see an Employee box. Simply check this box and click Save to flag the contact as an employee.


That's it! Your contact is now flagged as an employee. 

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