Adding Offers to Your Emails

An offer is a customer’s incentive to return to your business. Including offers in your Smart Emails and Email Campaigns is a great way to get more customers in the door. Zenreach offers are single-use and fully customizable.

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

Why should I give offers?

To boost your WiFi contact collection:

Add a message to your WiFi portal to notify your guests of the special offers they will receive in their inbox once they connect.

To join your email list:

Offers are helpful for motivating customers to join your email list through your sign-up form on your website or Facebook page. Using the Sign-up Form Smart Email you can send customers who join your email list an offer to thank them for subscribing. Don’t worry— we’ll only send this Smart Email out one time.

To reward a loyal customer:  

Placing offers in your Smart Emails, particularly the Loyal Customer Smart Email, allows you to create a “virtual punch card” which rewards loyal customers with no additional effort.

To bring back a lost customer:

Send customers who haven’t visited in a while an offer to incentivize them to come back through your doors. The Lost Customer Smart Email engages these customers automatically. Include a strong offer in this email and you’ll see your customers return.

To promote a new special or event:

Use offers to bring customers in for a special event! Are you hosting a wine tasting? Send them an offer for a complimentary cheese plate to enjoy with their wine. You’ve accomplished two things: Your customer knows you’re hosting an event and you’ve incentivized them to join you.

How do I add an offer?

Add the offer widget into your email

Drag and drop the offer widget from the left hand side of the email composer into your message.


Create your offer

Once you drop your offer widget into the email, you’ll be prompted to create your offer. If you’re using a template which already includes an offer widget. Click on the offer within your email, then click edit. Click “Preview offer page” at anytime to see what your offer will look like to customers and how they will redeem it.


Add your logo

Click the logo box to select a file from your computer. The recommended image size is 315x148 px. This is optional.

Title your offer

Tell guests what the deal is. Keep the title brief, you’ll include more information in the description.

Add details

If there are any stipulations to this offer like dine-in only, not valid during happy hour, not valid with any other offer or promotion, this is a good place to list them.

Set an expiration date

Create a sense of urgency for your customer by adjusting the number of days that it is valid in the field provided. If you don’t want the offer to have an expiration, click the blue toggle to the right. Once you are happy with your offer, click save.

Configure and style


Change the text shown on the offer button by clicking the offer again, and selecting the configure tab. Click the style tab to change the button color, add a background image or border, and adjust the padding around the button.

Now that you’ve added the offer to your email, learn how to use offer redemption codes and track your results.

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