CASL Compliance

If your business is located in Canada, you have to make sure you’re compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Laws or CASL. Fortunately, Zenreach has already taken the necessary steps to ensure you are compliant!

Note: This article is provided as a resource and to advise the ways Zenreach maintains CASL compliance. If you have additional questions about CASL, reach out to a legal professional in your area.

Email collection

CASL regulations require that express consent be given before communicating with your customers electronically. Express consent means they have knowingly opted in to receive marketing communications from your business. Zenreach ensures you are compliant through the opt-in portal and Web Widget.

CASL also prohibits requiring a customer to provide their email address to use your WiFi. Zenreach makes sure you are in compliant by offering a “No Thanks” option on the portal of Canadian businesses - this way your customers can still access the free guest WiFi if they do not wish to share their email address.

What if I import emails?

All emails imported into your Zenreach dashboard need to have been obtained through an express consent method. For example, obtaining contacts through an opt-in method with a different email marketing provider, then importing that list into Zenreach is an acceptable import. Importing email addresses without express consent and sending electronic communications to them can result in legal consequences including fines of $1-10 million per violation.

Sending emails

CASL requires the following information be included in every message to your customers:

  • Company name
  • Address and contact information
  • Unsubscribe option

Zenreach automatically includes all of this information at the bottom of each email in the footer. This cannot be removed and ensures you are CASL compliant.

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