Create Custom Smart Emails

Zenreach sets you up for success by providing default Smart Emails to get you started. But you can take your marketing one step further with Custom Smart Emails.

These emails allow you to:

  • Automate emails to specific groups of customers by label or demographics
  • Ask for feedback after each visit
  • Create different welcome emails from responses to your Portal Survey
  • Use your Smart Emails as a loyalty program

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

Let’s get started!

Select your location

To begin, in the top right corner, select which location you’d like these Smart Emails to be sent from. Remember, if you have two or more locations, you’ll want to set this up for each individual location, or use the all locations option. However, don’t use both as your customers would receive multiple emails. Once you’ve selected your location, click Create.


Select trigger type

Then select whether you'd like this email to be triggered by a number of Customer Visits or a Customer Birthday. The birthday option would either be in addition to your default birthday email(i.e., an additional reminder to visit on their special day).

Note: Make sure you do not have default Smart Emails with the same trigger set up. For example, if you were to create a Custom Smart Email to be sent after a first visit, you’ll want to turn off the default First Time Customer Smart Email so your customer does not receive two messages.


Create a title and trigger settings

Give the email a title for your own reference. Don't worry, your customers will not see this title.  

If you have chosen to set up a new Smart Email based on visits, decide many visits you'd like your customer to make before receiving this email. Once you have decided on a number of visits, enter this in the Email customers who have visited __ times field.


The secondary field, And who have not visited in __ days, allows you to set the additional qualifier. This is a great way to reach out to a customer who hasn’t returned in a while.  

If you create a Smart Email based on customer birthdays, select the number of days prior to the birthday you'd like the customer to receive the email. This custom Smart Email will be in addition to the default Birthday Smart Email already provided. When both are enabled, your customer will receive both emails. Many merchants set up the additional birthday email 7 days prior to their birthday to remind their customer to come in and celebrate with them.

Note: If you include an offer in the default Birthday Smart Email and include an offer in the custom secondary birthday email, your customer will receive two offers. These offers are not linked and will not replace each other.


Finally, select your target audience. If you'd like this message to go to all customers who meet your trigger criteria, leave All Customers selected. If you'd like to target this message further, choose specific labels, gender and age ranges to ensure that this email is reaching your ideal audience.


Once you’ve completed the triggering and targeting steps click Continue which will then bring you to our email composer to create your message. 

Has it been awhile since you’ve created a message? Learn how to compose an email and find suggestions for recommended content.

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