5 Simple Tips to Build Your Database Faster

Build your database faster using these 5 simple tips.  

1. Customize your WiFi portal

Enhance your guest experience by customizing your WiFi portal using the Hotspot tab on your dashboard. Use high-quality images and complementary colors for a clean and simple design. Keep the messaging short and playful.

2. Advertise your WiFi with in-store collateral

Guests are more likely to connect to WiFi when they know it’s readily available. Be sure to utilize your Free WiFi window sticker provided with your welcome kit. You can also create additional signage such as coasters, table tents, menu mentions, chalkboard highlights, check presenters and flyers at the register. Encourage employees to let customers know about the WiFi if they see them using mobile devices.

3. Keep the connection strong

Ensure you have enough available bandwidth speed to support your guests’ online activity. A good rule is to provide at least 1 Mbps per active guest at any given time.

4. Don't compete with other open networks

Keep all other WiFi networks password protected in your business. If you traditionally shared your WiFi password with your customers, be sure to change the password to prevent their devices from automatically connecting to the old network vs. the new Zenreach WiFi network.

5. Maintain a good signal with appropriate coverage

Your access point performs best in open spaces away from obstructions. Avoid placing access points near devices that emit radio interference. Mount your access point on a wall or put it on the top of a shelf to get the best signal. Each device should cover about 2500 sq. ft. in any direction, so make sure you have enough access points to provide full coverage in guest areas.

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