Insights: An Overview of Your Analytics

The Insights page shows your overall email collection and performance stats as well as the demographic breakdown of your Contacts.

Note: Depending on your subscription you may not see all of the following performance metrics in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

Visit the Insights tab of your dashboard represented by the chart icon. Use the drop down menu in the top right hand corner to select your time frame - Past 7 Days, 31 Days, 12 Months, or All Time.

Contacts Collected

The total number of contacts collected through your guest WiFi or Sign-up form.


This is the total number of visitors your business has seen who are carrying mobile devices with WiFi engaged. This number represents total traffic into your store, not the number who signed onto WiFi. It is calculated by adding up the total number of unique MAC addresses seen. (MAC addresses are the unique identifier for a mobile device.)

Walk-Through Rate

This metric is unique to Zenreach. This tells you how many customers returned to your business within 7 days of receiving an email. This is a really powerful statistic that shows you how effective your email marketing efforts have been!

Customer Breakdown by Visits

The customer breakdown by visits shows you what percentage of customers in your contacts are first time customers with 1 visit, repeat customers with 2-9 visits, and loyal customers with 10+ visits.

Incremental Revenue

This metric is an estimated amount of revenue seen as a result of your return customers. This is calculated by multiplying your number of Walk-Throughs by your Average Ticket Price. Your average ticket price can be adjusted under your dashboard settings. We know how many customers returned within 7 days, so if they spent your average ticket price, this is the amount of revenue we estimate you’ve seen from your email marketing.

Customer Demographics

We break down your contacts by gender, age, and location to help you understand your target demographic. This will allow you align your promotions and offers to these groups.

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