Add Contacts to Zenreach

Move your contacts to Zenreach with these easy steps!

Import an Existing Contact List

Step 1

Visit your ‘Contacts’ tab and click ‘Import’.

Please note that your file will need to be in .CSV format.



Step 2

Preparing your CSV file

Make sure your CSV file's first row includes the following supported header types: Email, First Name, Last Name, Birthday, and Tags*.

Note: Column headers and date format need to be exactly like the sample. Please delete any additional columns of information.

*Use the ‘Tags’ column to organize your contact list.   


Step 3

Save your list as a ‘.CSV’ file

Choose the File Format option: Comma Separated Values (.csv) when saving your list for import.

Using Google Sheets


Using Excel 


Step 4

Choose ‘Import CSV File’

Have your contacts in CSV format and ready to go as you'll be prompted to select the contact file from your computer. For an import template click the question mark icon to the right, or download the template at the end of this article.



Step 5

Add a label

If you want your imported contacts to have a tag/label for a specific customer targeting in the future, choose a label for the import and create a new one. Be sure to click Add labels or press enter on your keyboard to apply the label. When your label has been successfully applied it will be in its own grey box below the label field.



Step 6

A success email will arrive in your inbox

You’ll receive an automated email informing you that your import was successful. This message will include details of how many contacts were added.



Add individual contacts to your list

Step 1

Click Add New Contact



Step 2 

Specify details for each individual contact

Enter the email address (required), any birthday or demographic information you have, or add any applicable labels. Then click Save.



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