Designing Custom-Branded WiFi Portals

Engage customers with your brand through custom WiFi portals.

1. Download a background image from your website or Facebook page, or a stock photo site.


  • Less busy photos work well when you overlay a logo and text.
  • Think through colors when picking a photo—if you choose a dark photo, you’ll need light text and a light-colored/white client logo.
  • Estimate where the logo, text, and buttons will be overlaid on top of image when choosing a photo.
  • Make sure your photos are high-res and show a clean and appealing composition of the product.



2. Crop the photo and adjust the coloring (optional).


  • When cropping a photo for the portal background, the recommended crop size is 315 x 510 pixels.
  • If the logo of the company is white, darken the image by playing with contrast and hues.



3. Download the company logo to upload into the portal.


  • When searching for a company logo, use terms like “company name + logo + png”. You can add “+ white” in the search to find a white logo for dark backgrounds.
  • PNGs work best on the portal—look for the checkered background in your search results. This means the logo has a transparent background, see examples below.


PNG with transparent background



Regular JPG in image results



PNG                                                                                      JPG


Use a Facebook cover photo to use as an optional portal banner.


  • Find and download cover photos with images and big text so it’s easy to read on mobile.
  • Remember: a user can’t click on the banner on the login screen, only the success page, so make sure the banner image doesn’t say “CLICK HERE” on the landing page.
  • If clients want to design a custom banner, the recommended file size is 315 x ~160 pixels (there’s room to play with the height).



Edit portal fonts and theme colors for added customization.


  • Play with colors and fonts. Complimentary colors are always a win and less is more when designing portals.
  • If something feels off to you, it probably is. Try different images and color schemes—trust your instinct.
  • Portals can play a big role in helping companies engage their customers with their brand.


A few design and photo resources to help.

Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop (paid)

Fotor Photo Editor (free on App Store):


Pic Resize (free):

Luna Pic (free):


Color Matching (find a hexcode)

Image Color Picker (free):


Free stock images

Stocksnap (free):


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