Customize Your WiFi Portal


Promote your business and brand with a customized WiFi portal.

This guide will take you through each of the three sections of your Hotspot creator - Build, Theme, and Settings. Let's get started!

Step 1

Click on the ‘Hotspot’ icon on your dashboard, then click ‘Edit Hotspot'


Step 2

Build: Customize your landing page.

Click on a section of text to edit its content, font style, size, and colors.


Step 3

Build: Upload your logo.

Click on the image above your text to upload a new graphic. A best practice is to use a logo that will pop on top of your background image or color on your portal.

Using a simple image with solid colors is highly recommended - if the logo is too busy, it may be difficult to read.


Step 4 

Build: Login selection

Here you can choose from several options which your guests can use to sign in to your WiFi.

Just as with your landing page, you can edit the text shown here by clicking into a text box. If you'd like, you can also add additional messaging by scrolling down from the "Login Types" section.


Step 5

Build: Create a survey

This is an optional step, which will prompt users to answer a survey before being able to access your guest WiFi. You may apply labels based on the answers selected, which will then be applied to that customer's profile in your contacts list.



Step 6

Build: Customize "You're online!" page

If you'd like to send an email to your guests on their birthday, you can toggle the "Birthday Collection" option on. This will allow users to optionally enter their birthday after they've connected to your guest WiFi.

You can also include links to your social media sites here if you'd like! Just toggle your desired social media platforms on - these will show at the bottom of this screen.


Step 7

Build: Returning customer

If a customer has logged into your guest WiFi in the past, they won't need to enter their information again - instead, they'll see this screen.

Step 8

Theme: Get creative!

In this section, you can customize your fonts, buttons, backgrounds, etc. in greater detail. If you'd like, you can even upload an image to use as your background!

For more tips and strategies to utilize when building your WiFi Portal, click here.

Hint: Make sure that your customization looks great on each page by using the arrows beside the preview window to toggle between views.


Step 9

Settings: Administrative Changes

Here you'll be able to set the label(s) you'd like to be applied to guests who are added to your contacts list by signing in to your WiFi (vs. through a Signup Form). You may also choose to add a URL to which guests will be automatically redirected after signing in to your WiFi.


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