Customize Your WiFi Portal

Promote your business and brand with a customized WiFi portal.

Step 1

Click on ‘Hotspot’ on your dashboard then click ‘Edit”



Step 2

Click on ‘Get Started’

Click on ‘Get Started’ to launch the portal customization wizard.


Step 3

Choose your ‘Styling’

Customize the font and button colors of your portal to match your brand.



Step 4

Customize your portal in 3 section

1. Build

2. Theme

3. Setting



Step 5

Build: Landing Page

Edit the ‘Landing’ page. This is the first page a customer will see when logging onto your free guest WiFi.

Add a welcome message.

Add additional text or images.



Step 6

Upload your ‘Logo’

Use a logo that will pop on top of your background image or color on your portal.

*Solid color logos are recommended.


Step 7

Build: Login selection

Edit the ‘Login Section’ to choose what methods a customer can log onto your WiFi.

Customize login types and methods.




Step 8

Theme: Fonts

Customize font types, sizes, and colors for both headlines and body text.




Step 9

Theme: Buttons

Customize button fonts, background colors, and text links.



Step 10

Theme: Background

Update your portal with a background image or color.

For customized backgrounds, upload images with the following dimensions: 540px x 960px.



Step 11

Settings: Administrative changes

Tag contact information collected through the portal with various labels.

Add a website redirect after customers successfully log onto WiFi.

Choose your preferred language for the Terms of Service.



Step 12

Device preview: How customers will see your portal

Preview your customized portal on mobile, tablet, and desktop view.



Step 13

Build: Online (Success Page)

Edit the ‘Online’ page. This is the page your customer will see when they have successfully logged onto your WiFi.

Enable birthday information collection. 

Add social media links to encourage visitors to engage with your accounts.

Add additional text or images. For banner images (that can link out), upload files in the following dimensions: 510px X 315px.



Step 14

Press ‘Save’ to publish your portal

Congratulations! Your customized portal is now live.




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