Smart Email Ideas & Examples

Send messages to first time, repeat, loyal, and lost customers, automatically. 


First time customer emails

Emails sent within a few hours of a customer’s first visit

Recommended content: Recurring event information (ex: Happy Hours, weekend specials, in-store events, etc.) and weekly specials.



Design Tips: Showcase your menu with food photos. Promote your business’ brand and story behind-the-scenes photos, spotlights, links, and more.



Repeat customer emails

Emails sent immediately after a guest’s second visit

Recommended Content: Encourage customers to share their love for your business and engage with you on social media. Include reminders for customers to book their next reservation.

Engage customers for reviews and feedback through Zenreach’s reputation management widget.



Recommended Content (continued): Promote catering and online ordering (Zenreach’s ‘Button’ widget is perfect for this). Link to gift cards and merchandise sales. Send a special offer for a next visit. Highlight the option of booking private events (if you offer this at your business).



Lost customer emails

Emails sent to any customer who has visited twice, but hasn’t returned in 30 days

Recommended Content: Remind your customers what they are missing! Incentivize them with offers to come back (check out the Zenreach ‘Offer’ widget!)



Recommended Content (continued): Promote your upcoming events and provide the link to the calendar on your website. 



Loyal customer emails

Recurring emails sent to customers after every 10th visit

Recommended Content: Thank your customer for being loyal and reward them for multiple visits.



Recommended Content: Remind your customer to keep returning and unlock more rewards.



Birthday and Anniversary emails

Emails sent to your guests two weeks before their special day

Recommended Content (Birthdays): Send your customers a birthday offer and remind them to book a reservation. Include information about special birthday services like bottle service and tables if this offered at your business. Offer a “Bring Your Friends” deal for large parties.



Recommended Content (Anniversaries): Remind your customers to book a reservation and send an anniversary offer!




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