Create Your Web Widget

Build a web widget to help grow your customer contact list faster.


Step 1

Visit the ‘Web Widgets’ tab on your dashboard

Get started by clicking on the ‘Create a New Web Widget’ button.



Step 2

Drag and drop ‘form elements’

Add fields to collect birthday, anniversary, location, and gender information to your web widget.



Step 3

Upload your logo

Brand your web widget with your company’s logo.



Step 4

Edit your announcement

Inform customers of the benefits of signing up for your contact list.



Step 5

Customize your styling

Choose between ‘Form Styling’ and ‘Body Styling’.



Step 6

Continue the process to edit the name of the widget and add a label

Adding a ‘label name’ when creating your web widget will automatically tag all the emails collected through this form. This will then allow you to easily target this group for a future message blast.



Step 7

Choose your preferred publishing method

Choose from different options to publish your web widget as a pop up, link, social media widget, and more.



Step 7A

Automatic Pop Up

Choosing this option will make your web widget automatically pop up on the screen when a user visits your website. You can choose the time frame as well as how many days between visits your customers will see this pop up.

*Copy the code in the grey box.



Step 7B


Incorporate your web widget as a separate link.

*Copy the URL in the grey box.



Step 7C

Custom Pop Up

Use the pop up option to determine the web widget appearing when a customer clicks on a specific location on a web page.

*Copy the code in the grey box.

Note: This widget requires customers to click on a photo or landmark on the website to pop the web widget up on your page.



Step 7D


Add your web widget to your company’s Facebook Page.



Step 7E

HTML embedded

Copy this code to use the bare bones form elements and then style within your website.


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