How to Build an Email Campaign

Reach the right customers at the right time with customized email campaigns.

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

Step 1

Click ‘Create’



Step 2

Preview templates

Click preview to view templates on different devices. You can also recreate previous email campaigns by selecting Your Previous Emails.  


Step 3

Click ‘Use’ to choose a template



Step 4

Fill in your subject line

You can customize the Sender’s Name and the email your replies are directed to, and add Text Preview.

Note: Text Preview is the text a customer sees when viewing the email in their inbox, before they option the message.



Step 5

Upload your photos and logo

Upload photos and logos by clicking into an image box.

Note: We recommend using your brand’s colors, photos, and designs to make the message branded.



Step 6

Adding design elements

Click and drag any design element from the left into the email template. You’ll see a yellow “Drop component here” box to show you where you’ll be placing the item when using drag to design.



Step 7

Delete design elements

If you’d like to delete any element from the template, click the trash can icon.



Step 8

Format a text box 

Click the artist brush icon to edit the format of a text box. Style the text box background color or image. 



Step 9

Edit your text

Click into the text box for all of your basic copy editing.

Note: First, highlight the text to edit it.



Step 10


Choose your theme with the ‘Body Styling’ button

Change the look and feel in the background of your email using the body background editing feature. Change the background behind the text and images in your email using the background option.



Step 11

Test your email

Send a test email to yourself to proof your message before it’s sent to your customers.



Step 12

Preview your email

Preview what your message will look like on different devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop.



Step 13

Target your blast

Choose to send your everyone on your contact list or target specific customers by label or segment by different demographics.

Note: The default setting is all customers.



Step 14

Target based on demographics or visit behavior

The more boxes selected, the smaller your target group.

Example I: Send a special promotion to all guests who’ve have only visited once, check the ‘NEW’ box.



Step 15

Choose to schedule the email or send right away

Send your message instantly or schedule for a specific day and time.



Step 16

Review your results

See how many emails were delivered, review click-through rate percentages and discover how many people came back to your business from this campaign.



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