What's in the Box?

Which company will be delivering my Zenreach equipment?

Your Zenreach access point (AP), and all necessary equipment, will be delivered to your business through FedEx. We’re excited to partner with your business, so to expedite the delivery of our shipment, we provide 3-day shipping for our packages.

Barring any weather delays, FedEx/shipment delays, or personal requests for a later shipment date, your business should be good to hit the ground running with installing our equipment within a day or two of signing up for our service.

Content of the Box

  • Zenreach access point
  • Red Ethernet cable
  • Small, black Power over Ethernet injector and power cable
  • White Ethernet cable
  • 2 “Free WiFi” decals
  • Zenreach branded table tents
  • Quick Install Guide

Please reference the Quick Install Guide in the box for instructions or click installation instructions to learn how to install your Zenreach access point.

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