Installing Your Zenreach AP (Meraki)

Before you install:

Take a look at our What’s In the Box article to learn more about the contents of the box you’ve received.

Your Zenreach AP is pre-configured for your specific business and is designed to be plug-and-play. Once the AP has been appropriately installed, it simply needs an internet connection and ~10 minutes to be fully online and broadcasting your business’s new guest WiFi network.

Each AP broadcasts a default SSID of “.Public WiFi”. We can additionally enable a custom SSID for your business if requested.


How to install your AP:

  1. Remove all belongings from box.
  2. Flip the AP over, and remove the metal grey mounting equipment by pressing the "release tab". Artboard_1_copy.png
  3. Take the blue ethernet cable and plug one end (doesn’t matter which end) into the ethernet port on the bottom of the AP. Then, clip the mounting equipment back onto the bottom of the AP, making sure the cord sticks out through the mounting equipment.
  4. The other end of the same blue ethernet cable should be plugged into the ethernet port on the TP Link injector labeled “POWER+DATA OUT
  5. Next, plug one end of the grey ethernet cable into the “LAN IN” port on the PoE injector, and the other end of this grey cable should be plugged into an open ethernet port on your modem, router, or switch at your business.
  6. Last, give power to the PoE injector using the black power cable. The light on the injector should turn on and be solid green.Artboard_1_copy_2.png
  7. The LED light on the Cisco AP will turn red, cycle through multiple other colors and then settle on either green or blue, once online. This takes about 10 minutes.
  8. After you’ve waited ~10 minutes, grab a wireless device and look for a new WiFi network called “.Public WiFi”. Once connected, this network should prompt a custom captive portal for your business, which requires the input of an email address, in order to get outbound to the internet. You’re now free to surf the ‘net!


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