Remove individual contact

We aren't able to delete the email from your contact list, however here’s how we handle both of these concerns: 

Zenreach helps manage your list for you, by automatically flagging bounces and unsubscribes. Each email address collected is run through our validation system. When someone uses an invalid email to log in, our system will flag it as invalid.

If someone no longer wishes to receive emails, they can click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email they receive, and this will prevent them from receiving further communication. You are able to unsubscribe a customer manually through the dashboard by searching for the email under Contacts, clicking on the profile, selecting the pencil icon, and unchecking the subscribe box.  

Invalid, unsubscribed contacts are kept in your contact list under Hidden Contacts but no further correspondence will be sent to them.

Remove import

To remove a previously imported customer list, follow the instructions below in your Zenreach dashboard.

Step 1

Click the Contacts tab on the left hand-side of your dashboard.

Step 2

Select Import Contact on the left side of your dashboard.


Step 3

Select View Import History.


Step 4

Click Undo for the list(s) you wish to remove.




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