Getting a Strong WiFi Signal

Let's make sure you get the best WiFi signal strength in your establishment. Here are some of the key factors to consider, with recommendations for each.

1. Choose a good location

The performance of your Access Point (AP) is greatly affected by where you place it.

  • Put it in a centrally located area, ideally on a wall mount on the ceiling or a high shelf. Radio waves travel down and laterally.
  • Test the signal strength throughout your establishment. It may be necessary to relocate your AP by using a longer network cable.

Pro Tip: Think of placing your Access Point in the same way as installing a light bulb. APs give off Radio Frequency (RF) in which WiFi is transmitted, just like a light bulb gives off light. When you are under or next to an AP, you will get the strongest signal, just like being underneath a light bulb provides the brightest light.

2. Use the right amount of APs

  • Each AP should cover about 2000 sq ft in any direction. If your space is larger, you may want to consider adding more for proper coverage.  
  • If you have multiple floors, you may need an AP for each level. To purchase additional APs, please contact support by clicking "Submit a Request" at the top of this article.

3. Minimize obstructions

  • Range increases with fewer walls in the way.
  • Avoid placing APs near devices that emit radio interference, like cordless phones and microwaves.

4. Have sufficient bandwidth

  • We recommend having a minimum of 10 Mbps and upgrading as needed. A good rule of thumb is to have 1 AP and 30-50 Mbps per every 50 guests in store.
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