Access Point (AP) Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble connecting to your guest WiFi network? Here are some quick troubleshooting steps to get you back up and running in no time.

1. Do you see lights on the Access Point (AP)?

No -> You may have gotten disconnected from power. Check that the AP is still connected to the small black PoE injector (which gives it power), and confirm the PoE injector is plugged into a working outlet.

Yes -> We're almost there, head to #2.

2. What color is the LED light on the PoE injector?

Red ->  Unplug the PoE injector from power, and plug it back into power to perform a power cycle. Wait to ensure the light turns green on the injector, and subsequently check the AP to ensure the light on the AP has turned on (it's okay if it's red). Wait for ~10-15 minutes, and check to see if you can now see your Zenreach network once more.

Plugged back in but no light still? Try a new power outlet.

Green -> Great, you have power.

3. Check to ensure the ethernet port that the Zenreach AP is plugged into is serving internet connection.

  1. Grab one of the ethernet cables that came in the box with the Zenreach AP.
  2. Plug one end into an ethernet port on the side of your laptop, and plug the other end of that same ethernet cable into the port you wish to test.
  3. Turn WiFi off on your laptop, open a new browser page, and try to load a webpage (example: If the page loads, that ethernet cable has outbound internet access and should be a viable port for the Zenreach AP. If the page does not load, this port may be inactive or requires static IP information. Continue testing other ports until you find one that lets you through to the internet.

Note: If you have a firewall in place, we need unrestricted outbound access to TCP ports 21, 69 (TCP and UDP), 80, 443, 7898, 1812 (UDP), and 1813 (UDP). We ping and require a response in order to proceed with the software package download.

4. Still having trouble?

Reach out to our support team! We're happy to assist you in troubleshooting further.

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