Recommended File and Image Sizes

Email header & body

Make a memorable first impression with an attractive email header or photo. The maximum width of an image within the email body is 600 px, but the image length is flexible. If you use Photoshop to create your images, we recommend selecting Save for Web and PNG 24 or PNG 8 if the image has limited colors. Images should not exceed 350 kb. Files that are larger than this will require longer download times.

Email background

An email background image can be uploaded to accentuate your brand and give your message a more cohesive appearance. The optimal image size is 1,280 x 1,300 px.

Hotspot logo

Customize your hotspot with your business or organization's logo. You can scale your image up or down once you have uploaded it, but 131 x 325 px is the maximum recommended size for your logo.

Hotspot background

A background image lends a professional, polished look to your hotspot. You can add one by selecting the Hotspot tab, clicking the Edit button, and uploading the image under the Theme tab. The ideal size is 320 x 510 px.

Image size for offers and feedback

You can add a logo to your offer or Reputation Builder settings to brand the pages your customers see when redeeming offers or leaving feedback. The recommended image size is 315 x 148 px.

Portal banner

Adding a portal banner is a great way to draw your customer’s attention to a special or upcoming event. Under the Build tab, within your Hotspot editing screen, click the drop-down menu and select text or image from your additional messaging options. The recommended size for this image is 375 x 150 px.

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