Get Real-Time Customer-Feedback With Reputation Builder

Get real-time feedback from your customers using Zenreach's Reputation Manager tool. Unlike other platforms, Zenreach sends negative feedback to be sent directly to you so that you can resolve the issue through a one-to-one relationship with your customer. Positive feedback is encouraged to be shared on merchant-friendly social sites like Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook!

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see this feature in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

How does it work?

Use your automated Smart Emails or Email Campaigns to ask for feedback about their experience by including the 'Rating' option found in your email composer.

If your guest chooses 1-3 stars, you’ll receive a notification of the complaint in real time. It arrives via email and through push notifications if you’re using the mobile app. This allows you to resolve the issue directly. Alternatively, if they click on 4 or 5 stars, they'll be encouraged to share their positive feedback on your preferred social sites.

Let's get started

1. Turn off your Smart Email to Edit.

Select the Smart Emails tab on your dashboard and turn off the Smart Email you’d like to edit using the blue toggle under the “Status” column. Then click the pencil icon to edit.



2. Drag the 'Rating' option into your email.




3. Click on the Rating option to select the review channels you’d like to encourage guests to click through to when choosing 4 or 5 stars.


Where is Yelp?

At this time Yelp actively discourages businesses from collecting their own reviews. In an effort to protect you from any punitive actions that Yelp might take against you, we have removed Yelp from reputation management. If/when Yelp changes its policy we will notify you and re-enable Yelp.

4. Once you’re finished composing your Smart Email, press continue, then complete. We’ll remind you to turn your Smart Email back on.

What does the customer experience look like?

When your customer receives the email, they can rate their experience.


If the customer rates their experience from 1-3 stars, they’ll share their feedback in a comment box which will notify you in real time.


If the customer rates their experience from 4- 5 stars, they'll be encouraged to share through the positive review channels selected during setup.


How will I know if a customer has left feedback?

We’ll notify you in real time when a customer leaves feedback, positive or negative, allowing you to reach out to your customer to resolve their concern or thank them for their kind words. You’ll receive these notifications via email or through a push notification if you’re using the mobile app.

Psst, hint hint: The app will also notify you when a negative reviewer returns to your business.

Track your progress

Use the new Reputation tab on your dashboard, or directly on your phone with the mobile app, to monitor your average star rating, respond to customer reviews, and track positive reviews.


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