Updating Smart Emails

You can easily update the content of your Smart Emails and the time frames they are sent out.  

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

1. Turn off your Smart Email to edit

Select the Smart Emails tab on your dashboard and turn off the smart email you’d like to edit using the blue toggle under the “Status” Column. Then click the pencil icon to edit.



2. Continue to “Confirm”

If you want to make changes to the content of your Smart Email, you can do so here. To move forward to update the time frame, click the red “Continue” button in the top right-hand corner to bring you to the second step, “Confirm.”



3. Adjust your time frame

From the “Criteria” section you can change the time frame in which your smart email is sent out by adjusting the parameters already listed. In the example below, this email would be sent out after one visit.



4. Complete and confirm

Once finished, you click the red Complete button in the top right hand corner. You’ll receive a pop up asking if you want to turn the smart email back on, which you can choose to do or click “not now” if you’re not quite ready.

5. Double check

If you want to see the time frames in which your smart emails are sent out, you can hover over the grey question mark to the right of each Smart Email Type.



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