Organizing your Contact List with Labels

Targeting groups of customers when sending an email campaign is a great way to ensure your email blast reaches your intended audience. Targeted audiences lead to higher open rates and engagement with your emails.

Our platform allows you to easily target customers by gender, age, customer loyalty type, days of the week they’ve visited, and even hours of the day. However you can further segment your contact list using labels, and target specific groups! For example, if you had a VIP club - you could label those contacts “VIP club” and target only that group when sending an email blast.

There are a number of ways you can apply labels to customer profiles which we’ll review in this article.

Adding labels via Import .CSV

If you already have a separate list of customers you’d like to import, you can do so and apply a label to all of the contacts at the same time.

Click on your Contacts section of the dashboard, click Import and select “Import From CSV File” to upload your spreadsheet.  You'll be prompted to select the contact file from your computer. From there, select an existing Label in the drop-down box or type your new one in the same place. Be sure to press the enter on your keyboard or click Add below the label box to confirm the addition of the label. Once you’ve finished, click Import at the bottom of the window to complete the import.

Keep in mind that your confirmation email won’t have any details related to the new Labels added. If you export your contacts and didn’t add any new customers, you’ll receive an email explaining that no new customers were added. Existing contacts will have their profiles updated with the new label, but will not create duplicates.

Should you have any difficulty importing your contact list, check out this article which details how to properly format your contact imports.

Adding labels to individual contacts

You can add Labels to individual customers by searching for them inside the  "Contacts" section of your Dashboard and selecting the customer you’d like to apply your label to. Then click on the customer profile. Click the pencil icon to edit, and apply the label to their profile.



Adding Labels to multiple contacts

If you’d like to add Labels to existing customers in your contacts there a few ways you can accomplish this.

First, you can select the profiles you'd like to edit under the Contacts tab of your dashboard. Check the box to the left of the customer profile to select the profile. Once you have your contacts selected, click Edit labels. 


From here, you can add or remove labels in bulk from your customer profiles.


Simply click Save when you're finished.

Adding Labels automatically as customers visit your location

Labels can be applied to customers that login through the Hotspot portal while they’re at your business. If you own a business with multiple locations, this is a great way of segmenting your customers by which location they visit. You can apply Labels for recurring events like Trivia Night or one night events such as a specific sporting event.

For step by step instructions on automatic label scheduling, check out this article.

Our system automatically applies the 'WiFi' label to these contacts.

Adding Labels via sign-up form

You can also add Labels to customers that opt-in to your Contacts from a Sign-up Form. You’ll have the option to create the Label within the editor’s “Details” section. Once the form is live, anyone who signs up through the form will have the label you’ve created added to their profile.  

Our system automatically applies the 'webform' label to these contacts.

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