Adding or Removing Users

Depending on your subscription, you may be able to add or remove users within your dashboard. If you do not see these options in your settings, reach out to our support team.

We’re happy to help you add or remove users on your Zenreach account. Send an email to including any email addresses of users you'd like added or removed. If you have more than one location, specify which locations you'd like the user updates applied to.  

To add or remove users, follow the steps below.

Adding Users

Navigate to the Manage Users option under your dashboard settingsScreen_Shot_2018-12-03_at_8.56.50_AM.png

Click Add a user


Fill out the form and select locations


Note: All users will have full access to your business dashboard. The user role will not change their access.

Click OK when finished. An email will be sent from to the user prompting them to set their password and login to the dashboard.

Removing Users

Click on the user profile


Click RemoveScreen_Shot_2018-12-03_at_9.08.40_AM.png

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