How to Change Your Network’s Name

Your Zenreach access point comes with a standard SSID, or network name, called .Public WiFi. This network is available at all Zenreach locations, making it easier for your guests to join your WiFi. If they’ve previously connected to this network at another business using Zenreach, their device will remember the .Public WiFi network, and automatically prompt them* to sign in to your WiFi portal without having to enter their information again.

*Depending on the type of device your customer is using - they made need to go to their browser to see the WiFi portal page.

If you want to make changes, we recommend:

  • Adding an additional network instead of removing .Public WiFi. Both networks will provide the same guest WiFi experience
  • Including your business name so it’s easily recognizable
  • Keeping it less than 25 characters
  • Putting a special character like “@” in front. This brings your network name to the top of the available networks list as characters are displayed before letters in alphabetical order

Can I remove .Public WiFi and only use a network named after my business?

We don’t recommend removing the .Public WiFi network - keeping it enabled will allow you to more easily collect email addresses from customers who have signed into .Public WiFi at another business using Zenreach WiFi. However, if this is important to your business, reach out to your Account Manager or the Support Team and they can assist you in making this change.

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