Update pre-existing WiFi network

To maximize email collection through the new Zenreach guest WiFi network at your business, we'll need to ensure that any existing (non-Zenreach) guest networks are either disabled, or password protected with a new password enabled on it. This will prevent guests from automatically connecting to this network the next time they visit your business. The new Zenreach guest network should be the only open (non-password protected) network at your business.

Guest network provided by your ISP

If the existing guest network is being broadcasted to your business directly from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), call them and ask to disable (or password protect) the network. Give the ISP representative the exact network name you'd like to disable to ensure they disable the appropriate network. If you opt to password protect the network, rather than disable it, do not give this password to guests moving forward.

Guest network setup by your business

If the existing guest network is being broadcasted by a router that was purchased by someone at your business from a reseller (from Radio Shack, Fry's Electronics, Office Depot, etc.), have the individual who enabled the network on this router disable it for you.  

If the individual is not able to perform this task for you, you'll need to hardwire a laptop to this router, log into it, and disable the network manually. To do this, you'll need to know the default IP address of the router, as well as the username and password to access the backend of this router on your computer. Typically the IP address and default login credentials are located on a sticker on the router itself.

    • Netgear common instructions here
    • Linksys common instructions here
    • Belkin common instructions here
    • D-Link common instructions here

Note: If your existing guest network already has a password on it, you'll need to change the password or disable the network, to prevent guests who have previously connected to this network (using the password) from automatically connecting to it the next time they visit your business.

If you have any questions about completing this step, reach out to our Support Team.

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