Contact Import Troubleshooting Guide

Importing contacts with a .CSV file allows you to upload contacts from a spreadsheet to your Zenreach dashboard. If you’re having trouble with your import, follow the troubleshooting steps below. For more information about how to import your Contacts, check out this article to get started.

Common import errors and how to solve them

“No headers were detected/recognized in the uploaded file.”

Use only supported header names in Row 1: Email (required), First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Anniversary, Zipcode, and Tags. Unsupported headers will cause the import tool to not recognize your file, so delete any extra columns in your spreadsheet not shown in the example.


Download our attached Import Template at the bottom of this article to easily format your contact list.

Once your file is correctly formatted, save as a .csv file (not .xlsx). You can change the file type by clicking on the “file format” toolbar and selecting Comma Separated Values (.csv).


“Error: Unable to find email among column headers in import file”

This is similar to the header issueCheck the formatting of row 1 and arrange your information according to the template posted above.

“Import Complete - No New Contacts Added”

This means you’ve already imported this list or the contacts already exist in your list. If there are no new contacts added, you will be notified that nothing was imported. Trying to add new labels to existing contacts? You can successfully add labels to customers who are already in your contacts through this method. Don’t worry - we’ll combine profiles together and dedupe if your import includes new information.

“Encoding_error: Uploaded file was of an unknown encoding/type; a valid CSV is expected”

To fix this error, change your spreadsheet to a .csv file by clicking Save As and select Comma Separated Values .(CSV), then save.

“There was a problem with the uploaded file”

If you experience this issue, contact us at and attach the list you’re working with. We’re happy to troubleshoot any import issues with you!

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