Brands vs Locations

If you have two or more locations using Zenreach, you may have noticed you can choose all locations or one specifically. A brand, shown by “All Locations” in your dashboard, summarizes customer information and overall metrics for each of the individual locations.

If you have multiple brands, toggle between them in the bottom left corner using the letter icon representing the first letter of your brand name.


How do I use a brand account?

Emails can be sent from the brand account to reach customers for all locations. This is used to prevent customers who have visited multiple locations from receiving multiple copies of the same email.

For example, if you own a restaurant chain and want to send an email to all of your customers, you would select all locations to send out the email. If you want to send out an email advertising an event or special offer at one particular location, you would send it from the individual location by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Smart Emails can be set up on either the brand or individual location, but we do not recommend setting them up on both. Smart Email delivery is triggered by either a visit or a special date, like a birthday or anniversary. Setting the Smart Email up on both parent and child will result in multiple emails being delivered to the customer.

You may find it beneficial to mix and match these. For example, if you wanted to send your First Time Customer Smart Email from an individual location, you’d set it up there. However, if you want your customers to only receive one birthday email across your brand, you would send this from the brand level.

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