How to Use Offer Redemption Codes

When you send offers to your customers, you want to ensure in-store redemptions are trackable. So, we've implemented a unique code per individual offer that appears when a guest is redeeming:


To track offers, enter the offer codes into your point of sale system. Then cross reference what's been redeemed in the Zenreach dashboard.

Track your results

Click the chart  icon "Screen_Shot_2018-01-19_at_1.52.04_PM.png" icon to the right of the email. Both Email Campaigns and Smart Emails will generate a popup screen that illustrates your success metrics, with the Offer section providing detailed information on the redemption metrics.



Export your redemption list

Simply click "Export List CSV" to see all email addresses with their unique redemption codes. This allows you to cross-reference those codes with your POS to ensure the discounts or complimentary items processed by your team members are valid.


Note: If you do not see offers available in your dashboard, please contact your Account Manager or to make changes to your subscription.


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