Slow WiFi speed?

We know slow WiFi isn’t a good guest experience. It can be frustrating when you're not getting the speed you are hoping for. There are a few reasons to explain why the WiFi could be slow in your business.

What determines my network speed?

Many factors contribute to WiFi performance, including the bandwidth provided by your internet service provider (ISP), the location of the access point in your establishment, the number of simultaneous users and the amount of interference from nearby devices.


A good rule of thumb is to have 30-50 Mbps per every 50 guests in store, depending on environmental considerations (layout, walls, obstructions, etc). We discuss in more detail here.

If after installing the Zenreach access point, you find your other devices slowing down (POS, printers, ordering tablets, security cameras), please contact our support team to enable bandwidth limits or discuss other options.  


For optimal signal strength, be sure to put the access point in a place where it can easily broadcast everywhere your guests may be. See our article here for tips on proper placement.

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